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ez4473 revoked_license_map

The purpose of EZ4473

any possibility of clerical errors 
or a sale to an undeserving individual.
Which would result in the revocation of your FFL
and ultimately the closure of your business.




EZ4473 will provide for:

  • Unlimited amount of users
  • Compatible with iPads & other tablets with internet connection as well as any popular web browsers and operating systems
  • Works on any Operating System with an Internet Connection
  • Works with just Internet Connectivity and Current Web Browser (Make sure you update your current web browser)
  • Completeness and legibility of all information
  • 100% Secure
  • No additional fees for updates
  • Portable & accessible anywhere – INCLUDING GUN SHOWS
  • Requires and Identifies proper residency
  • Will not allow transaction to proceed with an improper
    YES or NO answer
  • Questions displayed with Definitions, Notices and Exceptions
  • Flags for proper documentation for Resident Aliens and Non-Immigrant Aliens
  • Requires acceptance of the terms and conditions of the 4473
  • Requires Customer’s and Salespersons handwritten signature and date
  • Notifies sales associate when form is successfully completed
  • Validates expiration dates of customer’s required ID
  • Requires all firearms information
  • Documents all information and allows for qualified exemptions
  • Enables review of the 4473 prior to printing and completion of transaction
  • Complete company location and Federal Firearms information printed on the 4473 form
  • 4473 Transactions cannot be altered once completed
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


This program will ultimately result in speedier and more accurate ATF inspections!