For only $199 let EZ4473 help ELIMINATE
the possibility of clerical errors
and sales to undeserving individuals.
Which would result in the revocation of your FFL 
and the closure of your business.


EZ4473 will provide for:




  • Unlimited amount of users
  • Compatible with iPads & other tablets with internet connection as well as any popular web browsers and operating systems
  • Works on any Operating System with an Internet Connection
  • Works with just Internet Connectivity and Current Web Browser (Make sure you update your current web browser)
  • Completeness and legibility of all information
  • 100% Secure
  • No additional fees for updates
  • Portable & accessible anywhere - INCLUDING GUN SHOWS
  • Requires and Identifies proper residency
  • Will not allow transaction to proceed with an improper
    YES or NO answer
  • Questions displayed with Definitions, Notices and Exceptions
  • Flags for proper documentation for Resident Aliens and Non-Immigrant Aliens
  • Requires acceptance of the terms and conditions of the 4473
  • Requires Customer’s and Salespersons handwritten signature and date
  • Notifies sales associate when form is successfully completed
  • Validates expiration dates of customer’s required ID
  • Requires all firearms information
  • Documents all information and allows for qualified exemptions
  • Enables review of the 4473 prior to printing and completion of transaction
  • Complete company location and Federal Firearms information printed on the 4473 form
  • 4473 Transactions cannot be altered once completed
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee



  This program will ultimately result in speedier and more accurate ATF inspections!